Godox 180W K-180A 220V Video Studio Strobe Light Photo Compact Flash Lamp Photo


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Features :Radio-ActivatedMPN :GA-K180A-GDC1UPC :711811929137Total Power (Watt-Seconds) :180WS .fpablg1090260{display:none !important;} .bn1090260 {display:none !important;} #act1090260{display:none;display:none !important;} #bit1090260{display:none;} #bat1090260{display:none;} .fpab1090260{} .tfl1090260{font-size: px !important;color: ;font-family: ;} .aabl1090260 {position: relative;height: 50px;width:200px;FONT-SIZE: 18PX;color: #ffffff;font-family: Arial;background-size: 100% 100%;background-repeat:repeat-x;background-image:url(http://soldeazy.com/pub/45pxh/45p1.jpg”);} .bat1090260 {height:50px;width:200px;background-size: 100% 100%;background-repeat:repeat-x;background-image:url(“”);FONT-SIZE: PX;color: ;font-family: ;} .buy1090260 {height:50px;width:200px;background-size: 100% 100%;background-repeat:repeat-x;background-image:url(“http://soldeazy.com/pub/45pxh/45p1.jpg”);FONT-SIZE: 18PX;color: #ffffff;font-family: Arial;} .fpabl1090260 {height: 50px;width:200px;background-size: 100% 100%;background-repeat:repeat-x;background-image:url(“http://soldeazy.com/pub/45pxh/45p3.jpg”);FONT-SIZE: 18PX;color: #ffffff; font-family: Arial;} .textbox{BORDER: #555 1px solid;-moz-box-shadow: 0px 10px 14px -7px #276873;-webkit-box-shadow: 0px 10px 14px -7px #276873; box-shadow: 0px 10px 14px -7px #276873;-moz-border-radius:8px;-webkit-border-radius:8px;border-radius:8px;display:inline-block;cursor:pointer;font-weight:bold;text-decoration:none; text-shadow:0px 1px 0px #3d768a;text-align:center;} Buy Directly Place Bid Buy Now Item Description: Model: Godox K-180AFlash Power: 180wsFlash index (m ISO 100): 45Color temperature: 5600 ± 200k Supply Voltage: AC 100V-120V/60Hz for this item. (There's also available for Operating Voltage type :AC200-240V/50HZ please search it in our ebay store) Flash Power Control: The PromiseModeling lamp: 75WSRecycle time :0.5-3.0 secondsFlash Trigger Control mode: sync cord jack light control sensor Test ButtonFlash Duration: 1/2000- 1/800 SFuse: 5ADimensions: 190x150x105mmNet weight: about 1kgFor portraits fashion wedding art advertising photography etc. shooting.  Note:   1 the flash at full power in the case cited flash 30 consecutive times need about 3 minutes to cool. If used continuously without cooling will produce high-temperature heat accumulation.   2 can not be long-term use modeling lamps lamp body or cause deformation or damage modeling lights can also cause the cover to the head and other flammable softbox attachment burning. Recommend continuous use modeling lamp takes less than 5 minutes. Please cool down 1 minute before you continue.   3 the use Snoot do not for a long time or too frequent modeling lamp lights flash (no extra six times per minute). Accumulated heat can cause damage or cause flash lamp housing damage.   4 when the flash lead flashing or modeling lights working condition there are energy release there are hot do not touch the lamp.   5 the presence of two high-pressure lamp socket do not touch! Loading tubes and modeling lights when you wear insulated gloves.   6 avoid sudden collision to prevent damage to the flash tube or modeling lamp.   7 do not flash is on the human eye (especially the baby's eyes) or may cause visual disturbances in a short time.   8 when not in use disconnect the power supply.  Package”


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