2* Godox TTL Li-ion Camera Flash VING V860C +FT-16S Controller + Battery kit


Features Godox TTL Li-ion Camera Flash VING V860C for Canon+Godox FT-16S Wireless Power Control  Flash Trigger Receiver for Godox VING V850+Godox

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Features Godox TTL Li-ion Camera Flash VING V860C for Canon+Godox FT-16S Wireless Power Control  Flash Trigger Receiver for Godox VING V850+Godox V850/V860 Flash Light Lithium Battery 2000mAh 11.1V We offer one Godox wireless all-in-one trigger and a single receiver for a better use for two lights. Godox TTL Li-ion Camera Flash VING V860C for Canon Description This product applies to Canon EOS series cameras and is compatible with E-TTL II autoflash. By it you can  easily achieve a precise flash exposure even in complex light changing environments and your shooting will be more simplier. Features:  1. GN58(m ISO100 @105mm) Adjust from 1/1 to 1/128 in 1/3rd stops  2. Support Canon E-TTL II autoflash Manual and Multi flash modes  3. Capable as Master and Slave unit in a wireless flash group  4. Pro2000 mAh Li-ion Battery-max. 1.5S recycle-650 full power pops  5. Super value and no messing with AA’s external power pack or chargers  6. Use optional FT-16S to adjust flash parameters&trigger the flash  7. Stable consistency and color temperature with good even lighting  8. User-friendly LCD display and control panel with firmwave upgrade Specification Model V860C(Only flash unit) Type Compatible cameras Canon EOS cameras(E-TTL II autoflash) Guide No.(1/1output@105mm) 58(m ISO 100) 198(feet ISO 100) Flash Coverage 24 to 105mm(14mm with wide panel) Auto zoom(Flash coverage set automatically) to match the lens focal and image size Manual zoom Swinging/tilting flash head(bounce flash)0°to360° horizontally and -7°to90°vertically Flash Duration 1/300to1/20000 seconds Exposure Control Exposure control system E-TTL II autoflash and manual flash Flash exposure compensation(FEC) Manual.FEB±3 stops in 1/3 stop increments (Manual FEC and FFB can be combined) FE lock With FEL button or * button Sync mode High-speed sync(up to 1/8000 seconds) first-curtain sync and second-curtain sync Multi flash Provided(up to 100 times 199Hz) Wireless Flash Wireless flash fucntion Master Slave Off Controllable slave groups 3 (A B and C) Transmission range(approx.) Indoors: 12to15m/39.4to49.2ft Outdoors: 8to10m/26.2to32.8ft   Master unit reception angle: ±40°horizontally ±30°vertically Channels 4(1 2 3 4) Slave-ready indicator Two red LED blinks Modeling flash Fired with camera’s depth-of-field preview button Auto Focus Assist Beam Effective range(approx.) Centre: 0.6~10m/2.0~32.8ft  Periphery: 0.6~5m/2.0~16.4ft Power supply   Power source 11.1V/2000mAh Li-ion polymer battery Recycle time <1.5seconds. Red LED indicator will light up when the flash is ready Full power flashes Approx.650 Power saving Power off automatically after approx.90 seconds of idle operation(60 minutes at slave mode) Sync Triggering Mode Hotshoe 2.5mm sync line wireless control port Color temperature 5600±200k Dimensions 64x76x190mm Godox FT-16S Wireless Power Control Flash Trigger Receiver for Godox VING V850 V860C V860N Description This is probably one the most sought-after item for Godox’s ground-breaking lithium powered VING  V850 portable flash – the FT-16S flash trigger. Remote power control is no longer only available to  TTL flash triggers. The FT-16S works with all camera systems such as Canon  Nikon  Pentax   Olympus  etc. The FT-16S trigger set works brilliantly by simply attaching a thumb-sized receiver to the V850(V860C V860N)’s  wireless control port  and mounting the transmitter to your camera’s hot shoe. This allows you to  mount the flash directly on light stands without a receiver. Features:  1. 16 Flash Groups       – 16-selectable flash groups  from A to F  and 0 to 9 by adjust the dial;       – Channel dial on the transmitter sets flash power output in each group;  2. Remote Flash Power Control      – Option to turn off a particular flash group;      – Two flash power ratios available;      – Power adjustment by 0.3EV  from 1/128 to 1/1;  3. One-touch activation of the AF-assist / Modeling light on the V850(V860C V860N)’s matrix focus assist laser beam  4. Identify your flash group by pressing the Buzzer button  5. Fire a test flash using the Test button  6. Wide LCD screen clear and intuitive  7. Mini receiver powerd by flash light not battery  8. Hot shoe design quick installation Specification: Model FT-16S Working radio frequency 433Mhz Channels 16 Receiver power 5V( powered by flash light) Tranmitter power 3V(2x AA battery) Maximum working distance 50m (Open area) Flash controls Flash power ratio Modeling lamp / AF-assist beam Buzzer Power radio display modes Flash triggering Maximum Sync Speed 1/250s Compatible Triggers Godox Cells II Transceiver Power input 2 x AA 1.5V also supports 1.2V rechargeable batteries Dimension of Transmitter 97 x 50 x 37mm Dimension of Receiver 57 x 27 x 9mm Godox V850/V860 Flash Light Lithium Battery 2000mAh 11.1V Description After opening the battery hatch you will see a unique designed hot shoe flash. It adopts a high capacity of 2000mAh with 11.1V. Kindly Notice: The battery is aimed specially at Godox products  it may not be compatible with other brands’ devices on the market. Features -DC 11.1V -2000mAh Package


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